Manna's mission is to develop and engage a gospel worldview, reinvigorating the witness of the gospel in the life of the academy.

Affirming the University's Mission

Manna acknowledges the legitimate and critical purpose of the University to build "a vibrant community of scholarship and learning" for the common good of society. We believe that the development of a Christian worldview provides a coherent and distinctive approach to scholarship that can enrich Princeton's educational mission and pluralistic community. Genuine pluralism, in contrast to relativism, requires a faithful commitment to the integrity of one's beliefs while maintaining a sincere respect toward and interest in those who hold different commitments.

Promoting Critical Reflection

The development and application of a Biblical worldview in the academic arena involves much more than quoting Bible passages. It presupposes the Bible as the guiding light that illuminates the meaning of reality and can shape the ideas students bring to the classroom. Taking these presuppositions seriously requires critical reflection and argumentation about the principles that underlie today's complex issues. In recent times, there has been an increasing awareness of the relevance and significance of such scholarship in the academy.