Manna has served the Princeton University community since 1994, when a group of undergraduate students gathered to study the Bible and worship God. Members enjoyed being in a community that struggled to find its unity in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Year-long themes such as "What is the Gospel?", "Renewing Relationships", "Sanctification in Galatians", and "Reviving Love" slowly began to shape and refine Manna's purpose. Through God's guiding faithfulness, this purpose has both narrowed and broadened. It has narrowed to focus on the concept of a gospel worldview; however, it has broadened as we seek to apply this to the way we interpret and react to all of life, in particular the academy. A gospel worldview is one that takes the narrative and the norms presented in the Bible to be the lens through which we engage the world. This vision is not restricted to any particular group or culture, but thrives in the midst of diversity. Looking to the future, we hope to increasingly deepen and develop this worldview for our lives in the University, welcoming the pluralism represented on Princeton's Campus.