Melody Falter - Ministry Fellow

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Hello! My name is Melody and I graduated from Princeton with the Class of 2016. (I started Princeton as a 15er but took a year off in the middle. Feel free to ask me about it anytime!) After changing my mind a number of times, I finally majored in Psychology and got a certificate in Environmental Studies... I'm so glad I did! I truly enjoyed writing my thesis, which is not something most Princeton seniors are able to say. Thinking ahead to the future, I hope to continue with campus ministry long-term. God-willing, I will finish up this school year working with Manna and then go to seminary starting Fall of 2018.
As you get to know me, you'll find that I'm passionate about many topics, especially those related to the environment, social justice issues, and mental health. I'm the third of four children in my family, and I have a nephew and niece who both mean the world to me. I love animals, playing sports, expressing myself through music, and just sitting/talking/sharing life with others (a huge part of why I love interning with Manna). :) Feel free to contact me anytime! My email is: